2018 Dream Big Ghana

Hi! My name is Charlotte Howard, and for two weeks in July, 2018, I worked in Dzita, Ghana, building a compost toilet along with two other students for a family in need through an organization called Global Leadership Adventures.   

A local non-governmental organization (NGO), Dream Big Ghana has helped many families all over the community of Dzita. 100 compost toilets have been built so far. As of now, there are eighty local families on the waiting list. These toilets  bring awareness about sanitation and how important it is. Through my two-week journey, we completed the compost toilet for a local family in need. I felt surrounded by love and kindness throughout my experience! 

The cost to build a compost toilet is $1,000 US dollars. The process generally takes two weeks with around three volunteers and a service coordinator. The toilets then can last up to five to seven years if well-maintained. Multiple families can share the toilet. For a family to purchase a toilet, it would cost them 200 Ghanian Cedi, which would be equivalent to $41.80 US dollars. Since many families cannot pay $1000 US dollars, Dream Big Ghana is funded by donations and the Meet Me There Lodge.  Many families will work for long periods of time to raise money to purchase their compost toilet.

People in developing countries do not have access to the seemingly limitless supply of water we take for granted. They face ongoing problems with sanitation. Sanitary facilities are vital to keeping a community healthy and clean. Many families around the world don’t have running water and toilets.

It took days of hard labor to complete the compost toilet I worked on. Our days consisted of cutting bricks to the exact measurement, mixing cement, making mortar, plastering, moving bricks, carrying water or painting. 

Compost toilets are extremely important and can help move a nation from developing to developed. Every cent of your donation helps to create a toilet. I want to thank everyone for donating or simply being interested in my experience

The Process


The Beginning 


The Opening Ceremony for compost toilet!